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PJC understand that times are tough and taking up a new sport can be very expensive.
In order to keep start-up costs down, PJC offer a free trial session and has introduced the following package deals.
Children's Package - Offer Price £30.00
10 Sessions
Judo Suit
MonSTARS Reward Scheme
Adult Package - Offer Price £60.00
10 Sessions
Judo Suit
BJA ‘Pay as You Throw’ Licence
First Grading


Grading - Date TBC

Competitions - Samurai Kyu Grade Comp and Nott's Closed

JUNE 2012

Nottingham Open
The Nottingham Open provided an opportunity for our Seniors new and experienced to compete on home soil.  Our high grades had a less than productive day coming home empty handed, while our newbies came home with the bling.  Congratulations to Alex who took bronze and Liam who got Silver.
* Special mention to Phil who took Gold after just 8 weeks of judo - We had to twist his arm to enter but I'm sure he's glad he did.
* Once again Thanks to PJC members who helped Officiate / Referee at this event, keep up the good work.

New mat supervisors
Jeff's departure left a hole in our coaching team.  Although Jeff cannot be replaced I am pleased to say that some of our Senior members have stepped forward to help supervise the Junior session - which currently has very high numbers.
* New faces include Darren Wilson (1st Kyu), Mark Baker (1st Kyu) and Alex Baker (2nd Kyu) all of who volunteered their services.  Lets hope they all enjoy teaching the juniors and want to stick around long term.

MAY 2012

Congratulations to:
* Darren Wilson and Mark Baker on passing their 1st Kyu gradings
* Alex Baker who gained her 2nd Kyu
Jeff retires to Spain
This month our chief Sensei hung up his judogi for the last time, leaving both the judo club and country to enjoy a happy retirement in Spain.  The club celebrated the occasion with a night out in Nottingham City Centre, a fun session with sweets and cake for the Juniors, and one final master class for the Seniors.  The mat was full for Jeff's last session and it was nice to see some old faces return to wish farewell to the club's founding member.

* A big 'Thank You' to all those who donated to Jeff's collection, we were able to get him some excellent presents and he was very pleased and touched by the gifts and cards.

APRIL 2012

Samurai's Kyu Grade Competition
Our new Seniors all showed an interest in attending this event, but when it came to it only 3 of our members turned up on the day.  Well done to Mark, Alex and Nick for making the effort, it was good to see our Seniors in action. 
* Special mentions for Alex and Nick who both medalled at this event.  Both looked small compared to some of the players in their categories but showed heart and determination in their pursuit of the bling. 

Trip to Belgium
Alex Baker was part of a 13 strong team from Nott's Judo who travelled to Belgium to compete in the Judo Soeverein Cup on  Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April.  Alex performed well against some seriously good players coming 5th in a category that contained some of Belgium's top players.  For more information on this trip visit

MARCH 2012

Congratulations to:
* Alex and Matt on achieving 6th Kyu
* Arron on gaining his 4th Mon - it's nice to have a yellow belt on the mat
* Jake, Joe, Matt, and Megan who all went from Novice to 3rd Mon on their first grading
* Adam, Anish, Jacob and Joshua who all gained their 2nd Mon
* Ed, Ethan, Lauren, Mollie, Maddie, Rhys, Toby who all gained their 1st Mon
* Bisham, George, Noah, Sam and Toby who all achieved their Kano 2 grades
* Aaron, Benjamin, Charlie, Lily, Sam, Sophie and Toby who all achieved their Kano 1 grades.

Nott's Red Belt Rumble
Congratulations to Arron Sharpe who took the Silver at the recent Nott's Red Belt Rumble.  Arron put in a great performance beating some much bigger players to take 2nd place in his category.  Mike was on hand to cheer Arron on and also put in another great performance behind the table.  Thanks Mike for both coaching Arron and supporting our local events. 


New year - New members
Closing our Monday night sessions made the Wednesday class more popular.  We started the year with approximately 15 players and by the end of the month had gained an additional 10 members.  Sessions are now busier than ever and new players are joining all the time.


Change to session times
Due to low numbers on the Monday classes the club has decided to consolidate it's sessions, closing on a Monday and concentrating on our Wednesday night classes.  Monday night sessions will cease when we close for Xmas.

Christmas Closure
The club closed for it's usual 2 week Christmas vacation on Wednesday 21st December, keeping with tradition the last session was a games session with plenty of sweets and presents for everyone in attendance.

Congratulations to:
* Aiden on going from Nov to 3rd Mon in his first grading.
* Adam, Anish, Jacob, Joshua who passed their 1st Mon gradings this month.
* Bisham, Ed, George, Noah, Sam and Toby who all achieved their Kano 1 grades


MonSTAR Awards
Congratulations to all those new beginners who have just been awarded their Level 1 MonSTAR Certificates.
Keep up the good work.


Nott's Mini-mon and Senior Kyu Grade Comp
Last year Portland's Seniors reigned supreme at this event, this time we weren't quite as successful but then we entered a lot less players.  Congratulations to those who got medals or points towards their Dan grades and Thank you to those who volunteered at the event either as Officials, Referees or general staff... without you these events would not happen.
* Special recognition goes to Rich Z-H who tried his hand at Refereeing for the first time and did an exceptional job... worryingly the more experienced Referees working on his mat seemed to be taking their lead from Richard - I guess looking confident goes a long way!!!

Beginner Course
Beginners classed for both Junior and Senior players began on 7th September, initial take up was low but rumour of our great club soon spread and numbers grew steadily throughout September.
Our introductory package deal proved to be very popular and so we have decided to extend the offer to anyone joining the club, regardless of when they start.


The Big Move
On 1st August the club moved from Roden House to Rushcliffe Leisure Centre.
A big 'Thank You' to all those members who helped with the move and to those who have followed us to our new venue.

This year's camp although low on numbers was a great experience. 
Club members pitched their tents just outside Matlock for the weekend and for once the rain stayed away.  In true Portland style part of our walking party got lost on a cross country trek, adding about 1 hr to their journey time... the things some people will do to get out of lighting the BBQ!

 JULY 2011

National Volunteer Awards
For the second year running a player from PJC has scoops the BJA's National Junior Volunteer Award.  Zara Pearson, a newly qualified coach, won the award for her work with the club's junior players, her willingness to get involved in officiating and her recent work with Nott's Judo.  Zara will receive her award at this year's Volunteer Award Dinner taking place in October, coaches from within the club will be in attendance to see her pick up this prestigious award.

Congratulations to:
*Harry Price and Marcel Pivarci, who finally completed their Dan grade theory and thus now officially hold the grades of 1st Dan and 2nd Dan respectively.
*Richard Z-H, John A-B, Nathan Blair, Dan Richardson and Nick Wells who all successfully passed their Dan grade theory... come on boys lets start chasing those points!